Well it’s Christmas

It’s 12/25/2016 and it’s 8:30 PM MST …… aaaaaaaaaand I do NOT understand why there aren’t a TON of Christmas movies on television. Do Not Get It.

It’s been a craptacular week. My Father In Law, who was one of the BEST men I have ever had the good fortune to meet, passed away on 12/22 in the early morning hours. He was marvelous and i’m sure that you would have loved him. I know that if you did know him, you did love him.

I just want to watch Elf and National Lampoons Christmas…. I have the dvd’s but no player… how jacked up is that? I think i’m going to go crochet and watch Parks & Rec or The Office. They both make me laugh… I want to BE Ron Swanson, or Dwight when I get older….. as they are both men, and I am not, i’ll have to settle for the female version… but that’s fine.

I am also worried about my actual Father and his wife. I’ve tried calling them a couple of times and get no answer. I hope they are OK up there in Oregon. I am in UT, so driving over to see if they are OK is kinda out of the question … but I want to.

stay warm and cozy my friends.


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yarn, autism, and a bunch of random crap

I will be 45 this year. I have one husband, one son, and one cat that tricked inside because it was winter and I was freaked out that he might freeze to death...... and I tricked him with a can of tuna. I like yarn. my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 2 ........ and i ramble a LOT -- some of it will not be PG-13 ... more like R or NC-17. So I swear, you've been made aware and can now make an informed decision about continuing on. Thank you. Be well.

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