Trying to figure this out…..

It’s not going very well. I don’t know if it’s because I am super impatient or I just keep clicking the wrong thing. I want to change the name of the blog……… yah know, to something catchy that would make me seem cooler than I already am without having to buy a coleman…. alas it’s not to be. So I guess catchy sub titles will have to do.

I’ve been going through the pictures that I wanted to move from our cell to our computer and get them all named up and squared away and stuff and I’ve got to say that I’d rather do the dishes than clean up the bazillion photos I’ve got stashed on the computer and on the phone…. here’s a couple to share

The first one is me showing off my fabulous crazy eyebrows and a skull slouchy hat (the pattern for which can be found on and searching for Creepy Skulls Slouchy Hat and Ear Warmer Headband by Spider Mambo) and a beard – which I have nicknamed Sumerian Hotness and can also be found on Ravelry at bobble bearded beanie by Ashlee Prisbrey. The next pic is a fantasticly adorable baby jumper, jump back, also on Ravelry (it’s kind of one of the coolest websites out there for yarn lovers, just sayin’) at Mermaid Maddie Romper by La tienda de Paloma. It’s pretty dang amazing and I have a picture of the beautiful baby I made it for…. but she’s not mine so I won’t be sharing it without baby mama’s permission.

Ok. well. that was a fun little post I think. and I didn’t even swear once … dammit… maybe next time.

Laundry and dishes will be complimenting the rest of my day. don’t be jealous… do some dusting and maybe throw a couple of things you don’t really want but still have away and it’ll make us even.




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yarn, autism, and a bunch of random crap

I will be 45 this year. I have one husband, one son, and one cat that tricked inside because it was winter and I was freaked out that he might freeze to death...... and I tricked him with a can of tuna. I like yarn. my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 2 ........ and i ramble a LOT -- some of it will not be PG-13 ... more like R or NC-17. So I swear, you've been made aware and can now make an informed decision about continuing on. Thank you. Be well.

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