sometimes i’m pretty sure i’m crazy

It’s just something I can feel in my head and I feel extremely bad for my husband and my son for having to put up with me. It’s been a terrible month so far and May was equally majestic in its horrificness (which is now a word, btw). It doesn’t have the blood and gore of a later Tarantino film, nor does have any of the cool actors from 4 rooms, or Reservoir Dogs.. but hey, you can’t have everything. I don’t think I have any photos to upload .. hold on and i’ll check..

Char & Becky

Ok, I lied. Here is a picture of my mother and me. It’s almost her birthday, 06/19. She died in 2004 and it’s still pretty crappy I gotta say. I don’t think that we ever really get over the loss, we just, kind of integrate it into our lives so the loss is not so pronounced. I will cherish all the time that I had with her, even when those times included one of us yelling or being bitchy. Yah gotta take the good with the bad or you get nothing at all.

Well. I think that’s all I’ve got for today. — except you NEED to watch Alone on the History channel, HOLY CRAP it’s fantastic – not as cool as my mom was, but they can’t have everything either.

be nice to each other. we can all use the smile.





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yarn, autism, and a bunch of random crap

I will be 45 this year. I have one husband, one son, and one cat that tricked inside because it was winter and I was freaked out that he might freeze to death...... and I tricked him with a can of tuna. I like yarn. my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 2 ........ and i ramble a LOT -- some of it will not be PG-13 ... more like R or NC-17. So I swear, you've been made aware and can now make an informed decision about continuing on. Thank you. Be well.

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