Well it’s Christmas

It’s 12/25/2016 and it’s 8:30 PM MST …… aaaaaaaaaand I do NOT understand why there aren’t a TON of Christmas movies on television. Do Not Get It.

It’s been a craptacular week. My Father In Law, who was one of the BEST men I have ever had the good fortune to meet, passed away on 12/22 in the early morning hours. He was marvelous and i’m sure that you would have loved him. I know that if you did know him, you did love him.

I just want to watch Elf and National Lampoons Christmas…. I have the dvd’s but no player… how jacked up is that? I think i’m going to go crochet and watch Parks & Rec or The Office. They both make me laugh… I want to BE Ron Swanson, or Dwight when I get older….. as they are both men, and I am not, i’ll have to settle for the female version… but that’s fine.

I am also worried about my actual Father and his wife. I’ve tried calling them a couple of times and get no answer. I hope they are OK up there in Oregon. I am in UT, so driving over to see if they are OK is kinda out of the question … but I want to.

stay warm and cozy my friends.


Trying to figure this out…..

It’s not going very well. I don’t know if it’s because I am super impatient or I just keep clicking the wrong thing. I want to change the name of the blog……… yah know, to something catchy that would make me seem cooler than I already am without having to buy a coleman…. alas it’s not to be. So I guess catchy sub titles will have to do.

I’ve been going through the pictures that I wanted to move from our cell to our computer and get them all named up and squared away and stuff and I’ve got to say that I’d rather do the dishes than clean up the bazillion photos I’ve got stashed on the computer and on the phone…. here’s a couple to share

The first one is me showing off my fabulous crazy eyebrows and a skull slouchy hat (the pattern for which can be found on Ravelry.com and searching for Creepy Skulls Slouchy Hat and Ear Warmer Headband by Spider Mambo) and a beard – which I have nicknamed Sumerian Hotness and can also be found on Ravelry at bobble bearded beanie by Ashlee Prisbrey. The next pic is a fantasticly adorable baby jumper, jump back, also on Ravelry (it’s kind of one of the coolest websites out there for yarn lovers, just sayin’) at Mermaid Maddie Romper by La tienda de Paloma. It’s pretty dang amazing and I have a picture of the beautiful baby I made it for…. but she’s not mine so I won’t be sharing it without baby mama’s permission.

Ok. well. that was a fun little post I think. and I didn’t even swear once … dammit… maybe next time.

Laundry and dishes will be complimenting the rest of my day. don’t be jealous… do some dusting and maybe throw a couple of things you don’t really want but still have away and it’ll make us even.



confusion? yes.

I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out. and depression doesn’t help me study…. it’s a selfish bastard, who knew?

I love my son. His laughter makes me smile and helps make the sadness go away until I worry that I am not being a good enough mother. At which point the depression bastard sneaks back into my head and starts using evil tactics.

I’m off to crochet. It helps sometimes. I’m making a clutch/pocketbook out of neon yellow and grass green and a kind of light olive color — like if you soaked a green olive in a ton of vodka. maybe it will be cool.. either way I’ve got to finish it so I can work on another hat for the donation totes this winter.

Be nice to each other, because jail isn’t as fun as OITNB makes it seem. no really. it’s not.

cell phone pics 348


I crocheted the octopus hanging on the wall behind me (which has since been removed and replaced with nothing. Welcome to my crazy eyebrows and collection of gray strands. I’m hoping they overtake the brown soon, but I’m only 44 so I may have to wait a while.




sometimes i’m pretty sure i’m crazy

It’s just something I can feel in my head and I feel extremely bad for my husband and my son for having to put up with me. It’s been a terrible month so far and May was equally majestic in its horrificness (which is now a word, btw). It doesn’t have the blood and gore of a later Tarantino film, nor does have any of the cool actors from 4 rooms, or Reservoir Dogs.. but hey, you can’t have everything. I don’t think I have any photos to upload .. hold on and i’ll check..

Char & Becky

Ok, I lied. Here is a picture of my mother and me. It’s almost her birthday, 06/19. She died in 2004 and it’s still pretty crappy I gotta say. I don’t think that we ever really get over the loss, we just, kind of integrate it into our lives so the loss is not so pronounced. I will cherish all the time that I had with her, even when those times included one of us yelling or being bitchy. Yah gotta take the good with the bad or you get nothing at all.

Well. I think that’s all I’ve got for today. — except you NEED to watch Alone on the History channel, HOLY CRAP it’s fantastic – not as cool as my mom was, but they can’t have everything either.

be nice to each other. we can all use the smile.




An introduction

Sometimes when I sit at the computer I feel like I should be doing more with my time, like learning something (punctuation perhaps….), or trying to better myself or even the world outside my door. While I do have a job, I also have a 10 year old and I, so far, have been unable to manage finding the time to go to school — yes, even the online ones. I have found time to crochet, I know!, I was relieved too.

I’m also reasonably certain that there is no way that I, as one person, can save the world. I am a fan of being kind to others, and the golden rule, and minding my own business and keeping the negative crap that my brain comes up with inside my head – most times – I mean, no one is perfect, but usually I’m just bitching about myself, so it doesn’t really hurt anyone else, yah know.

So this is my attempt at doing something ‘else’ when I am sitting in front of the computer, instead of going to the regular networking or gaming sites…. and don’t even start me on the website where you can, yah know, pin things…..  this sentence wouldn’t even get finished; I’m kind of addicted to that website.

I wanted to find something cool to name my little blog, all the good names at the top of my head were taken and some lead me directly to a bunch of porn links (example, I was thinking about “Screaming from behind me” since Bear was sitting on the couch playing with his tablet and screaming – happy screaming, laughing even and when I entered that into the search engine, I was kinda shocked, so that wasn’t gonna happen…. I mean, sheesh, y’all can find that on your own. – and yeah, I did just roll my eyes right there.

I’m not really clear on how long this is supposed to go or what content I should add. I did read a book about not getting sued so, trust me on this, I do know what NOT to say. I even checked out a book for dummies. I’m only half way through the book tho’, so I probably should have waited to finish that before I started this… but if I waited I think my brain would have exploded.

This blog will cover various subjects that get stuck in my mind, like that song, you know, the one that never ends… (hahah…. do you see what I did there – to myself even… oh well.) anyway as I was saying, this blog will contain a variety of subjects, as I am unable to help myself.

I like crocheting quite a bit, so there might be some of that on here. My son was diagnosed on the autism (always confused about the capitalization rule on that one) spectrum in May of 2008, so I’m going to be willing to bet some of that will sneak its way in here. I hate loud bass (although I believe it should be spelled base, but it’s not) that thumps through my walls at 10:30 PM at night so you can bet all your randomly placed dollars that I’ll find a way to complain about that on here…….

I read somewhere that Ernest Hemingway said “The first draft of anything is shit.” so my expectations are at a reasonable low for the popularity of my blog.

I do like how WordPress keeps my i’s capitalized, as normally I don’t do that — unless I am at work, then, yeah, I do that. They pay me to do that, so, yah know, it happens there.

Back to the name thing. I wanted to use rambling in part of the name because I do, sometimes, tend to talk quite a bit. I also wanted to use crafty in my name, because I can be pretty crafty. All the cool names were taken tho’, so, I went with something that describes me, and since I’m Bear’s mum it totally worked out!

well. I better post/publish this before I change my mind and delete everything.

Hope y’all have had a great day and that it carries on.


Bear’s mum